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| March, 10 2020 | for Karl J. Edelmann, MD, FAAFP

I have been seeing Dr Edelman for the better part of 10 years now. He always listens to me when I see him every month. He is always there when Ive needed him be it on weekends or late at night. He does not rush people through their appointments. I believe in the 10 years Ive been with him He has kept me alive and semi active. I have alot of medical issues that he has to deal with and he is very patient. He does not beat around the bush while discussing things with you. Dr Edelman is a Military Dr which makes me a happy person as well. He has some awesome staff as well. They are very busy but always take the time to help patients either in person or on the phone. If your in the Ann Arbor area Id give Dr a check out You wont be sorry I do have 1 problem and thats this MDVIP program he is in This really disappoints me Because were paying 450 every 3 months PLUS another 200 per Dr visit Not alot of people can afford this Me included But I need a good dependable doctor So i stay here with somebody i know and trust
Thank you Dr Karl and to the whole staff at Ann Arbor Care