Lora Meadows, M.D. (Hilton Head Island, SC) Saved My Life!

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| December, 26 2021 | for Kim Meadows, MD

I am so blessed to have Dr. Lora Meadows as my MDVIP doctor!!! Not only is she an excellent diagnostician, but she is personable and caring. When I am there for an appointment, I never feel rushed. Dr. Meadows listens to my concerns, and she always follows up with me on matters. But most importantly, she saved my life! In September, I experienced a sudden wave of extreme nausea and head, neck, back and abdominal pain. With no history of cardiac problems, I thought I might have a COVID breakthrough. So I contacted Dr. Meadows, (this is a much longer story, but I am just providing major points here), and she advised me to go to the ER for a possible CAT scan. With COVID affecting our hospitals, I had a 4 hour wait to get a room, and after testing negative for COVID, CAT scans of the head, neck and abdomen, the ER discharged me with no diagnosis. So the next day, I went to Dr. Meadows for an exam. She immediately diagnosed me as having a reaction to a tick bite!!! Turns out I tested positive for the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever tick! And the hospital ER did not even address the "bites" or marks all over my body, which was the reaction from the tick bite! I was in so much pain, I had to be on Oxycodone and Zophran in order to sleep, drink or function. I am so grateful to Dr. Meadows for being the exceptional physician she is! And the MDVIP experience was amazing - Dr. Meadows was in touch with the ER and me, the entire time. MDVIP is truly the way to go, and Dr. Meadows is the BEST!