Lou is the best physician to take care of us.

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| October, 24 2018 | for Louis B. Malinow, MD

Our family has been seeing Dr. Malinow for many years. When Dr. Malinow told us that he was joining the MDVIP network we did not hesitate. We knew that Lou was a fantastic doctor who cared about his patients so we trusted his decision.

It did not take long for us to experience the MDVIP difference when our daughter discovered a lump in her neck. We went in to see Lou and he examined her and told us what he thought it was. He immediately had her go for a scan and blood tests that day. That night he called us after consulting with a specialist and she was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. He consulted with the top endocrinologist in our area and got her an appointment to see him that same week. She was operated on within 2 weeks by one of the best thoracic surgeons in the area thanks to Lou and the endocrinologist that he connected us with.

Our daughter today is cancer free thanks to the team of professionals that Lou put together. His quick response and ability to network with other top doctors in our area is why we joined MDVIP and we have not been disappointed.

We thank Lou for his continued dedication to his profession. We feel confident that we are in the best hands and that when needed, Lou is the best physician to take care of us.