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| June, 25 2022 | for Mary A. Cross, MD

Joining MDVIP was the best thing I ever did. When my other primary Dr retired, I was looking for someone around my neighborhood. Dr Cross' name came up in a search, and that's when I learned of MDVIP. I was quick to join and got my first physical shortly after that. Dr Cross did my bloodwork and all the physical tests. After my tests, she called me in and explained everything to me (in terms I could actually understand!). Dr Cross is wonderful. I'm pretty healthy (usually), and don't go to the Dr much. However, I had a freak accident and really really REALLY hurt my hand. It was on a Sunday and it was very swollen. Icing it didn't help. So, Monday morning I called Dr Cross because it hurt so bad. I explained my situation to Karen (I love Nancy & Karen), and I wanted Dr Cross to just look at it (I know she isn't an orthopedic specialist, but I just wanted her to look at it). Karen said she would call me back in 5 minutes; she called me back in 2 minutes. She told me Dr Cross wanted it x-rayed and then gave me several options of where I could go for xrays; one being 5 minutes from me. Karen made me the appointment, set everything up, and in 2 hours my hand was being x-rayed. By the time I got home from the x-ray, Dr Cross had left me a message that it was NOT broken! Whew! That's all I wanted to know! It's great to have a doctor you love, but it is also important for the Dr to have a great staff like Dr Cross does. I appreciate the friendliness of everyone in Dr Cross' office and I can't thank them all enough for helping me out.