Medical help a phone call away.

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V Jane
| March, 17 2020 | for Philip J. Maple, MD

Since my medical history is multi-faceted and one that involves an altered airway, the fact that I can telephone anytime to ask for information or to make an appointment if needed is very reassuring to me. Everyone on Dr Maple's staff works to meet my needs. Dr Maple listens to my questions and takes time to reflect upon his plan for me. Fifty-percent of our treatment is based upon communication (my opinion), and he plans for reporting time and discussion. Dr Maple's caring ways have helped me build confidence and trust in his plan for me. That confidence combined with his great training gives me the best medical care---even if I am not a plain vanilla medical patient. THANK YOU DR MAPLE. WISHING YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY and time to feel good about how your commitment to your practice and patient care makes so many patient's lives better. This is your day for Ice Cream and Cake! With appreciation and gratitude for your fine care.