Mild Heart Attack

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| April, 22 2020 | for James W. Jacobs, MD

The months of January and February I was finishing up with my rotator cuff therapy and was noticing that my upper arms were Were aching and I was feeling discomfort in my neck and a slight burning down the middle of my chest like I drank a hot orange soda. I Was in touch with Dr.Jacobs during this time and we were discussing what it could be. I thought it might have been from the work out in the rotator cuff therapy but the symptoms got worse and after my therapy ended I continue to have little spells of tightness in my upper arms and my neck. On March 1, I called Dr.Jacobs and he told me to call 911 and come to find out I had a 99% blockage In an artery, and due to the conversations and advice from Dr.Jacobs I feel like my life was saved thanks to Dr.Jacobs and MDVIP