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| November, 9 2021 | for Jeffrey Magaziner, MD, FACP

My husband, Edward, was in a serious automobile accident in February 2021. The doctors said it was a Miracle that he survived it. I called Dr. Magaziner immediately, because Ed was in Shock Trauma, and the news wasn’t good. Dr. Magaziner helped me to understand Ed’s diagnosis and treatments. I emailed Dr. Magaziner on a regular basis, and kept him updated on Ed’s progress. Once Ed was released from the nursing home, Dr. Magaziner took over Ed’s care. Dr. Magaziner recommended top notch follow-up care for Ed. Today, he is walking without any assistance, speaking so much better, lifting weights, and gaining weight. Ed is still in Physical Therapy, and seeing specialists for follow-up care. I look back at where he was in February, and where he is now. Only God, A Miracle, and Dr. Magaziner. Ed tells me he only listens to Dr. Magaziner. I know that for certain. If Ed has any questions, or needs clarification on a subject, he emails Dr. Magaziner. For me, I tell everyone about Dr. Magazine. He emails his patients on a regular basis about Covid-19, Moderna, Psizer & J&J Vaccines, and the Booster Vaccine. Also, he answers all of our questions and concerns about the Pandemic. My family & friends tell me all the time, you are truly blessed to have such a caring doctor. I agree!