The most efficient and caring medical group

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| March, 8 2018 | for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

Kudos to Dr. Hall and her staff! The most efficient and caring medical group my husband and I have ever experienced. Marshall, my husband, had a painful burning rash for at least 7 months. We drove all over the state of Georgia and had many appointments with many doctors. None could solve the mystery.

Finally, out of desperation, Marshall called and signed up with MDVIP here in Madison. Dr. Hall diagnosed the problem on the spot that afternoon and thereafter carefully monitored any flare ups. No question, she has made a difference in our lives!

Also, she goes the extra mile. Even drove to Athens to make personal contact
with a doctor whom she thought might have the answer to a different problem.

When I became ill with the flu, there was no question about what I should do.
I should sign up with Dr. Hall and MDVIP. The same thing: immediate care and concern plus phone calls to check my status.

Marshall and I are very happy with our MDVIP healthcare in Madison! Thank you Dr. Hall, Lynn and Barbara!!! Yay!

Marilyn W.