My childhood was a very happy one

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| March, 29 2014 | for Kevin W. Turner, MD

My childhood was a very happy one a loving family with great parents and wonderful friends. I was strong - enjoyed sports, dancing, playing the piano, etc. The only thing wrong was that if someone sneezed, I would be the only one who would become ill. A simple cold would turn into bronchitis, and sometimes pneumonia. When they came out with Flu Vaccines, my Mother always took for my shot and I would promptly get the flu, which everyone insisted would have been worse without the inoculation. This worsened as I became older. None of this made sense to me, and I knew that my immune system wasnt up to par.

This worsened as an adult, especially with a marriage that was often stressful. Learning that Gammaglobuline gave a boost to ones immune system, I told two of my Doctors in LA that this is what I needed. They gave me a look that asked, Where did you get YOUR Medical Degree? During a nasty divorce, I was sick for months on end, several times, and almost died from pneumonia, and bleeding ulcers. But eventually, I responded to all the medicine they gave me. Rather than continue to fight for a Fair Settlement but lose my life my Daughter and I moved to Phoenix in 1998. I was fortunate to find a good job here, and start all over at 56.

I immediately got pneumonia again - and NO DOCTOR. My Boss told me his Doctor had a new Practice, and perhaps he could see me. I called, told them the problem and they fit me in THAT DAY. This was Dr. Keven Turner. He was wonderful - and LISTENED to me. Yes, it was Pneumonia again. I told him my thoughts on my Immune System. He ran a simple blood test that confirmed I had Hypogammaglobulinenemia. He said he'd heard of it, but never met anyone with it, and probably never would again. But because of ME, he now checks every patient who is chronically ill. He has diagnosed two others since then. I am so glad that MY story helped them! No cure yet, but there IS a treatment for it. I prayed that God would let me live 10 years, see my daughter graduate, married, and maybe see some Grandchildren. Its been over 15 years! Dr. Turner listened! He also diagnosed additional serious health issues that other Doctors missed. Because of this wonderful, caring, thoughtful man - I am blessed with a normal healthy life, have remarried, and enjoy 2 wonderful Grandchildren.

With my limited Social Security income, it is a bit of a stretch to go with MDVIP which is a GREAT organization, without a doubt. However, Dr. Turner is my HERO. You cannot put a price on that. To me, he is what being a Doctor is all about, and I know I wouldnt be here, if it werent for him! Incidentally, I asked God for another 10 years. Dr. Turner said Ill probably have MORE than that!