My “GO-TO DOCTOR” - Dr. Torrin Gray

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| March, 19 2020 | for I. Torin Gray, MD

Dr. Gray
You are definitely my “GO-TO DOCTOR!
Your examinations are very thorough and you always advise me wisely on all matters. My health has greatly improved since I’ve been under your complete care.
You always spend the time to listen to my needs. I have health problems that often needs certain types of Specialists. You schedule appointments with them immediately!

After being taken to ER after fainting in church the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. Still hurting the next day I went to you and you found I had the shingles. You immediately started treating me. This certainly assured me that you are my “GO-TO-DOCTOR”

Dr. Gray, you are aware of all my health issues. You encourage me to improve them on each visit.
You will even give me compliments which will always put a smile on my face. Recently, you advised me to lose about twenty pounds. You always have time to inform me of healthier foods and vitamins. With all of your encouragement I have tried hard.
My annual health assessment will be soon. I am very confident with all your help that the report will be my best yet.
I have been your patient for several years. I feel extremely confident and lucky to be under your care!
In conclusion, I think Dr. Gray is the most caring, dedicated, intelligent and nicest physician! I plan on continuing my MDVIP with my “GO-TO DOCTOR” Dr. Torrin Gray!
Thank you Dr. Gray- you are appreciated!