My wife and I found a GOOD ONE.

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| March, 13 2020 | for S. Steven Kim, MD

We were new to Henderson and realized we must set aside our past wonderful health care relationships established in another state over a number of years. And we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Several of my friends suggested the concierge doctor approach to me because that is what they had decided upon and they were happy with their decision. I did my homework to research the MDVIP approach and liked what I found. Then I was presented with the line up of MDVIP concierge doctors closest to our home. From the first moment that I met Dr Kim and we began our initial “get to know each other” visit I felt comfortable and put at ease. So I became his patient and my wife went through the same process a few weeks later. The initial wellness checkup was a lot more thorough than I anticipated. And I was certainly pleased. Then as I went over with Dr Kim my list of specialists I would need to see and he provided referrals for me. His staff called ahead to each specialist and helped me with setting up the initial appointment. Professionalism and compassion shine through. His supporting staff is a smiling group of very helpful folks. We are so very pleased to have Dr Kim looking after us.