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Gail A
| March, 11 2020 | for S. Steven Kim, MD

In 2008 my colon ruptured and I was in intensive care for 3 months and almost died, since then I have been opened up 3 more times. I have been in pain since then, not fun. I have been to 2 surgical professionals and they said we can’t operate on you, you won’t make if off the table. Went to a pain specialist he wanted to put a metal disk full of morphine in me. I said no way and Doctor Kim said no also. I asked Doctor Kim what about CBD, he said give it a try it can’t hurt. He also changed all my prescriptions and told me to try fruit smoothies and my inhaler. I have to say I haven’t felt this good since 2008. God bless you Doctor Kim! You really helped me so very much. Now I can go and do things I couldn’t do before and not lay in bed afraid to move because of the pain.