No Way to Start a New Year, but Dr Kate Wilson made it a Little Better

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| March, 10 2020 | for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Mid January 2019 and I am feeling a bit queasy all day-worked from home, thinking stomach flu. Start having more pain through the day, maybe appendicitis? Text my doc, Kate Wilson around 7 pm and give some details, she is not too alarmed as I don't really present with appendicitis symptoms, but she has me set up to come in the following morning. Around 11 pm I tell my husband the pain is too much to take and he takes me to the Taylorsville St. Marks Urgent care. They immediately get me in for a CT scan and find I have very very large Kidney stones in both kidneys, and the pain is that one has broken apart and a piece of it is stuck in my urethra. I can still urinate but it is presenting an emergency type situation. The medical doctor on site had given me morphine for the pain when I arrived but once he realized what it was he switches me to an anti-inflammatory drug, Toradol as a pain medication, and then I am taken by ambulance to St. Marks hospital. Once I get there, a bunch of things happen that are so over whelming, and the night was so horrible and painful, and I was sick and crying from pain - that I was so relived when morning came and in walks Kate!! She immediately checks my chart sees what it is that has happened , the status of the kidney stones, what doctor was here that saw me, and Thank goodness she knows him (Dr. Fisher) and assures me he is one of the best to have on my team for this medical dilemma! Anyway, the anti-inflammatory was a bad thing to have me on as a pain medication due to the history of my ulcers in my small intestine that the hospital may not have read in my chart. I ended up losing a lot of blood because I cannot be on that type of medication (I had internal bleeding, and the hospital couldn't understand why - they were talking blood transfusion) but Kate brought my medical history to the staffs attention. So once they got me stabilized and my blood levels back in order, she had a doctor set up to check me internally to make sure my ulcers were not bleeding again or any other areas had issues from the time on the Toradol/or doses of the Toradol.
Dr Fisher would be doing my kidney stone removal through my back, and if weren't for Kate and her help getting through to his staff, I never would have gotten through to him in a timely manner to follow up with him and get my two surgeries scheduled (his office staff are ill equipped for how busy he is). Kate was so so Helpful!! So Supportive!! After my first surgery (late February), she had me follow up with her and gave me a once over , we discussed how I was, what I could expect with the next and so forth. My second surgery was a month (March) later, she dropped in and checked in to see how I was doing, I didn't get out as quick as with the first, the recovery from surgery was a bit longer because she told me the kidney stones were bigger than Dr Fisher had anticipated so I might be more sore. She was right, I was more sore. About a week after the second surgery, I ended up getting a hematoma from the second surgery and it was probably more painful than the surgery itself. Kate texted and spoke with me on the phone to try and help me out for that and consulted with Dr. Fisher for best follow up. She just had my back. One other thing I am so thankful for about having Kate Wilson for my doctor is she knows things, she just knows - I had been coughing a lot of stuff up, including some blood. I showed her a picture I took of some stuff I couched up at my Follow-up appointment in April, because I thought it was unusual for me to have that happen. She immediately got me scheduled for a chest MRI to check for any kinds of clots, and also to check my calf for clots. It turned out I did have several blood clots in both of my lungs! Kate had asked the radiologist tech to call her immediately while I was still there with the results, once she found out she told me - told me exactly what the plan was, she had medication at the office waiting for me to come pick up. She gave me so much support, both mental and emotional, as you can imagine I was crying! When this happened it was the early part of April and I have been dealing with being sick since the end of January, I will be on the blood thinner medicine now for 6 months and I am so exhausted from the two surgeries. I just want my Life back. Kate was so positive and supportive.She found out what type of things need to be done to avoid these type of Kidney stones I make, like diet, certain foods and even dialing in the stones could be caused by the RA meds I've been on. Its so great to have Dr.Kate, always available to answer questions or get support! Our entire family have relied on Kate and without her in our little world, well it would be Awful! We Love you Kate! You made a difference in everyone of our children's lives in your own way. You definitely made a difference in my husbands life and you have truly been a god send to me!! Thank You, Thank You Thank You for Everything !!