In October I was having shortness of breath.

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| February, 26 2014 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

In October I was having shortness of breath. One morning I fainted and Dr. DeAtkine wanted me to come into the office. I had just had hand surgery 3 days earlier and we wondered if I was low on fluids following surgery. I went to his office and he offered to admit me to the hospital for tests or try a bag of fluids to see if that would help. I chose the fluids. As I left the office, he told me very firmly to call the next morning if I was not better. I was worse the next day, hardly able to breath and talk, and he had me immediately go to the hospital where he would have orders waiting. After many tests, particularly a CT scan with contrast on my lungs, I was sent down for an ultrasound on my legs. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and Dr. DeAtkine was coming into the room. It was during his office hours and I was surprised to see him. I knew something must be wrong for his to leave his office. He stayed with me and went back to the room where he told us I had extensive blood clots in both lungs. I was sent to ICU and the first night he called the unit late to talk to my nurse. He was very attentive during my ICU stay and the rest of the time I was in the hospital. He is truly a caring Doctor and does take excellent care of his patients. He told us in his 20+ years of medicine he had never had a patient with good oxygen saturation. rates have blood clots and survived all those clots passing into my lungs. I am grateful he insisted on my going to the hospital for tests. I could have died very easily if more had formed or one broken off and gone to my heart or brain.