Our Costa Rica Vacation

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| March, 14 2020 | for J. Rick Adams, MD
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Several years back, my husband and I were vacationing in Costa Rica when I got sick. We had gone grocery shopping and got back in time for dinner at the resort and I was so hungry. So not thinking, I got a salad which had been on the counter for, who knows, how long. After retiring that evening, I woke up so sick I felt like I could die. At about 3 am, I remembered that I had Dr. Adams' cell phone number in my cell phone and sent him a text. I immediately heard from him and he told me to take Pepto Bismol, which, of course, we had none. My husband had to go to town and get some for me. After taking it, I began to feel much better, but my husband had already made arrangements for a flight back to home. When I returned home, I went to see Dr. Adams to see if he could give me information for the airline so that the cost of the emergency flight could be refunded. He took care of this for us and it was refunded. He is always there for me whenever I need him.