Our Dr. Alter is the best.

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| March, 21 2017 | for Kathleen A. Alter, MD

We consider Dr. Alter to be not only our personal physician,but our friend. It is so great to be able to contact her at a moments notice, even when we were on vacation in California. Joe became ill with severe stomach cramps. It turned out to be only a virus, but the people in the
emergency Room couldn't beleive that our doctor actually called them on the phone to make sure they knew of Joe's medical history and that he was being taken care of. Our Dr. Alter is the best. I have even texted here a picture of a breakout on my skin or a broken blood vessel in my eye. Our simple questions are answered immediately within minutes and this puts me at ease. We take great confidence in Dr. Alter and she cares for us like she would for her own family. Love You, Dr. Alter. God Bless You.