Pain level was a 12 on a 10 scale when I made the call

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| March, 12 2020 | for J. Frank Martin Jr., MD

I had an abdominal hernia for months. I was scheduled for surgery with a surgeon in Greenville SC and the risk pre-surgery was that my hernia could incarcerate. That is where the blood flow to the abdominal tissue or intestine becomes trapped in the sac of the hernia. It happened and within a couple of minutes I went from no pain to" on your knees " pain. My wife said lets call Dr. Martin before we we head to the ER or call an ambulance. She had his cell, he answered and said he could and would see me immediately. Getting to him we knew would be faster than the ER could address it. I arrived at his office ( after hours ) within minutes and he was able to confirm the incarceration and massage it back outside the hernia sac for immediate relief. The MDVIP program has many benefits but none more valuable than access to a vetted caring physician. Its the World we live in. Thanks to and bless Dr. Martin