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| March, 20 2020 | for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Gentle prodding, not a lecture, is most often the best way to motivate someone to change habits to promote better health. Not only has suffering a stroke for the first time four years ago given me cause to control better my diet and exercise habits, Dr. Buchanan has encouraged me even more to strive to improve my health and well being with specific approaches to take. Each visit with him in recent years is immensely uplifting and inspiring: He takes the time to listen, and he expends ample time and his wealth of experience in keeping me informed to the fullest extent on how I can become healthier. He accentuates the silver lining in every cloud (health issue) that arises, and he invariably provides me with a short "to do" list to attain my goal of being as healthy as possible. He never seems to be in a rush, though I know he is exceedingly busy. He is thorough with his assessments, which always are made with easy-to-understand explanations and applications. I pray for his health and well being in these troublesome times--and for continued accessibility to him and his practice.