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| August, 5 2011 | for H. Lee Kagan, MD

I am a patient of Dr. Lee Kagan who is part of MDVIP. I was out of town in Washington, D.C. with a non-life- threatening medical issue. I was put in touch with a local MDVIP-affiliated physician, Dr. Chris LeFevre. I called him about 9 pm and he called back right away. He arranged for me to go to the local emergency hospital and insisted that the ER doctor call him in the middle of the night with a progress report. Dr. LeFevre also called the ER doctor about 6 AM to check on me and arrange my release. My experience with Dr. Chris LeFevre in Washington, D.C. was wonderful - on a scale of 1-10, a '12'! I probably talked to him six times during my three-day stay.