A positive choice for my health and life.

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| March, 24 2016 | for Diane Fabricius, MD, FAAFP

As the practice manager and a patient of the practice, I have seen both sides of the transition from your typical family practice to the intense focus on personalized health care/prevention and wellness. It is an unbelievable win/win for everyone. My physician has ALWAYS been an MDVIP physician at heart. Her health conscientious mentality and focus on spending time with her patient means that I have a physician who I can trust and rely on day and night. She has my best interest at heart 24/7. The extensive testing and consultation that I received during my annual wellness exam was far beyond anything that I have ever experienced in a physician office and I have worked with doctors for thirty years now. It is a totally new way of thinking about health now and in the future. I now have a way of maximizing my healthcare care benefits and reducing my healthcare utilization of walk in clinics and emergency departments. A positive choice for my health and life.