The Power of Personalized Medicine

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| March, 11 2020 | for William B. Holgerson, MD
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My mother was a patient of Dr. Holgerson. She was diagnosed with Large B Cell Lymphoma at the end of February 2015. My mom was hospitalized for her first chemotherapy session because she was 91 and weak. Two weeks after she returned home from her first treatment she started to deteriorate. She became exhausted and dehydrated. She wasn't eating and her breathing became very rapid. I thought she was dying. All I could do was sit hopelessly and watch her struggle to breathe. I felt there was no point in dragging her to the hospital again since she had been discharged from the hospital just a few days before and I thought there was nothing more they could do for her.
Fortuitously, Dr. Holgerson called the house just at that point to check on her progress. He convinced me to bring her back to the hospital by ambulance. As a result of his intervention my mom was able to recover from her first bout with cancer. She went into remission and enjoyed an extra 22 months of relatively good health and good quality of life. My extended family and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Holgerson for his humanity and kindness in taking the time to check up on my mother and encourage me to pursue further care for her. The personal connections he fosters with his patients and their extended families is medicine practiced at its best.