The Professional Arrow Shooter

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| March, 28 2020 | for Jeffrey G. Garber, MD

Doctor Garber seems to have an unlimited set of arrows in his quiver. If one "arrow" doesn't do the job, he has another to pull out of the quiver. There is always that "one more," I know when it comes to solving a continuous coughing, wheezing, and congestion. In over 30 years of association, I have never known Dr. Garber to fail to get it right. He possesses the ability to navigate directly to the problem; perhaps it is his professionalism as a pilot. Dr. Garber is the finest doctor that I have ever been associated with, and I am confident that he is here in Huntsville, because I would be very lost (very medically a mess) with out him. Thank you, Dr. Garber, for all you've done (for me and others, I know). I am proud to know you and thankful for your patience, professionalism, and help in my time(s) of need. Bless you! Keep those arrows sharp.