Proof of Caring

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| March, 12 2020 | for Gregory A. Oliver, DO

When my eldest son was 15, he started down the wrong life path. I decided to take FMLA to help my son. I needed Dr. Oliver's signature on the paperwork. I called the office to tell them I was coming by for the signature. When I got there, the nurse took me to a room. The nurse took my weight and vitals all while I was explaining "ALL I need is his signature!!" I was SOOO not pleased. When Dr. Oliver came in, I gave him the paperwork to sign. I also asked him why I had to have my vitals taken just for him to sign the paper? His response was "If Mamma isn't healthy, she can't take care of the kids." That stopped me in my tracks. It also showed me how much Dr. Oliver cares about his patients.
I have been with Dr. Oliver for over 25 years. I hope it will be another 25 years. :)