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| March, 10 2020 | for Tracey M. Shears-Bethke, MD

My Doctor is the most caring and thorough PCP who I have taking care of me for approximately 11 years. I definitely wouldn’t trade her for anyone else.When MDVIP was initiated, I was discussing the cost with my daughter. Her reply was “ do you want to go to a different Dr who doesn’t know you or do you want to stay with a Dr. who cares for you..?” When I had to go to the October 2017, my daughter phoned her cell #, and she called ahead to the them a “heads up” about my condition. She texted my daughter everyday, sometimes twice for an update.Incidentally, she didn’t have privileges at the hospital where I was, but offered to speak to the Doctors taking care of me. As I said, not trading her !!!!!!