Saman Lashkari, MD - Caring, Concerned and Consummate Physician

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| March, 13 2020 | for Saman Lashkari, MD

Dr. Lashkari has been my primary care physician for many years. Over this time he not only brought all my health markers into optimum range, he has gone way above and beyond as a consummate physician on several occasions. The most distressing situation arose when my wife and I arrived in Portugal on the same day that I started to experience terrible gastric distress, fever and malaise. Even though we were 9 time zones apart, Dr. Lashkari responded to our texts and directed how to respond to the illness he properly diagnosed at a distance. He followed up by text regularly over the three days of the illness and emotionally supported my wife who was frantic in a country in which she didn't speak the language and didn't k now anyone. Yet, this only one of many instances in which Dr. Lashkari has shown his concern and care.