She has been a gem in my life

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| March, 14 2018 | for Lilly Steel, MD
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Dr. Lilly Steel has been my MDVIP doctor before there was even such a special kind of this sort of medical care profession. Being a cancer survivor for 17 years now, Dr. Steel was with me all the way coming in early, giving up her lunch hours and staying late for me while always returning my telephone calls, as well. She has been a gem in my life since day one, which was at least or close to it, 20 years by now!!! Besides being thorough, concerning, compassionate and most caring, she is funny, witty, loving and ALWAYS there to listen. Before my husband passed away 1 1/2 years ago, we relocated upstate and she was still there for me with our trips back down to LI without any hesitation at all!!! The best part of coming back to LI after Eds death, besides being back close to my family, is being back to being a part of her practice, again! We were on our 4th primary when Ed passed and not one measured up to her expertise in the medical field!!!!
Thank you, my darling, Dr. Lilly Steel for being YOU for all my yesterdays, my today and I know all my tomorrows! I just love you with all my heart! Joanne Doroska