She really has made me feel comfortable, cared for and safe.

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| November, 7 2015 | for Melodie Phillips, MD, FACP

After the implementation of our new federal health care plan I had three doctors leave practice and was frustrated that I might not find another new doctor that would stay in practice long enough that we could build a relationship that was comfortable. And I hated the idea that I was becoming part of the mass of people becoming a number in our new efficient system. In my area the big one was Summa. Seemed I couldn't get away from it and felt there was no longer any privacy. I had heard rumors about concierge doctors but had assumed they would be an expensive luxury. I was thrilled that I found it to be very affordable and that I loved Dr. Phillips! She really has made me feel comfortable, cared for and safe. We are Ohio/Florida residents and when I came south this year I was happy to know that if I needed health care while I was here I wouldn't need to go to the local emergency or Urgent Care but that Dr. Phillips could find me care at a local office using the MDVIP group. What a great peace of mind that gives me. And she texts!! I had a minor issue when I headed south and being able to text a picture of the progress and get an almost immediate response was awesome! I am confident that Dr. Phillips will be there when I am in need of care and I will no longer have to doctor shop every year. A great sense of relief!