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| June, 24 2019 | for Dr. Alyssa M. Degnan

Dr. Alyssa Degnan has been the primary care physician for both my wife and I for a little over ten years. While it was my wife who originally wanted us to have the same primary care physician, I cannot even begin to relate how extremely happy we are that we both chose Dr. Degnan over a decade ago. She is a really outstanding physician, but even more than that, she is a rare jewel among doctors, a one-in-a-million find. Her compassion, her professionalism and her commitment to her patients are all literally off the charts. She amazes my wife and I every time we have an appointment with her, constantly proving herself to be the best doctor we have ever known. And beyond her virtues as a doctor, she is an incredible human being, full of wisdom, frankness, good humor, courage and inspiration.
I owe Dr. Degnan a huge debt of gratitude for speaking the words to me back in 2012 that began a health and wellness journey that eventually led to me losing over 100 pounds. Besides her crucial role is starting me on this journey, her guidance, encouragement, and inspiration were all big factors in my long-term success, enabling me to make good decisions and helping me to maintain my motivation. In late 2014 a major wrench was thrown into my life with the diagnosis of an incurable hereditary blood cancer, but Dr. Degnan has stood by my wife and me. She quickly sent me to a very competent specialist for diagnosis and further care, but has also continued to learn about my condition and my newly-approved medication. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that Dr. Degnan, as my primary care physician, is on my side, keeping the big picture of my overall health and well-being in mind, amongst updates from multiple specialists. While we were certainly happy enough with Dr. Degnan at her former practice, the MDVIP program has been such a wonderful blessing to all her patients, as it allows us much more time with Dr. Degnan, in addition to equipping her office with a lot of state-of-the-art equipment. The MDVIP annual wellness check-up, including the follow-up in-depth consultation with Dr. Degnan, is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
The above two paragraphs are the short version of my testimonial for Dr. Degnan. The following paragraphs elaborate on the above points, starting by saying more about Dr. Degnans compassion. As a science major at a large Division 1 university back in the 1980s, I knew many pre-med students. While I greatly respected them for their intelligence and dedication to the many years required to become a medical doctor, I was always dismayed to hear how little topics like basic decency and compassion was taught in their curriculum. But I have not found these qualities to be lacking in Dr. Degnan. Far from it! She is a doctor who really, really cares about her patients. Her genuine, heartfelt care and concern is evident to all her patients, and while it is difficult to fully describe the depth of her compassion, it is very palpable and real. She cares - she really, really cares!
Coupled with her compassion is her professionalism. She is the most thorough, detailed, and hard-working physician I ever known. She follows up promptly on everything she says she will do during an office visit. Neither my wife nor I have ever had to call her office to tell them that something Dr. Degnan promised to was not done. This was true even in her pre-MDVIP days when she handled a much bigger number of patients. No aspect of the care Dr. Degnan and her staff provides is sloppy or half-done; everything is always done the best that it can be. These two qualities alone are an amazing combination Dr. Degnan is a woman who deeply cares, but who also always goes the second mile in the care she provides.
I alluded to Dr. Degnans honesty and frankness when I mentioned that her words were the impetus to my starting my weight-loss journey. The fact of the matter was this: I was abusing my body and ignoring my health, and she told me so! Her candor and frankness were needed and I am so grateful she did not hold anything back. You can count on Dr. Degnan to speak the words that you need to hear, even if you do not appreciate her words when she first speaks them.
Speaking of her forthrightness and frankness may give the impression that Dr. Degnan has a demeanor that is harsh, stern and cold, but nothing could be further from the truth. She is a woman full of joy, with a wonderful sense of humor and a highly contagious laugh. She is the kind of person that uplifts your spirits just by being around her.
We simply cannot recommend Dr. Degnan highly enough. Beyond being a caring, committed and highly competent physician, she also possesses a truly noble, great and magnanimous spirit. We consider her a gift from God. She is a wonderful human being and a truly beautiful soul.