She is SO very knowledgeable, caring and thorough.

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| March, 15 2018 | for Marianne M. Fleming, MD

Dr. Marianne Fleming was first my elderly mother's physician in the late 1990's. She was compassionate and fiercely protective of my thin, frail mother whose osteoporosis bent her into the letter C. Scans were brutal because mom couldn't lie flat, and many other procedures hurt as well. While mom's health was failing on many other fronts, her breast cancer returned. She could not have handled more chemo and had already made it clear she would refuse treatment.
The oncologists wanted to do more scans and take fluid out of her lungs via a huge needle...but to what end? Dr. Fleming told them NO, you'll hurt her! And these tests will not be beneficial. I looked at my husband and said I want HER! I switched from my previous doctor to Dr. Fleming that year.
When I was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2010, Savannah was ill-prepared to handle the radiation required. I had a chance to be treated in Boston at Mass. General. Dr. Fleming not only encouraged me to do so, but remained in close touch with my MGH doctors during my stay in Boston and for al the years since. I love her for that.
Marianne Fleming is my ROCK. She is SO very knowledgeable, caring and thorough. I can't imagine having anyone else take care of me.