She thought she could help me

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| February, 7 2020 | for Jennifer Aldrich, MD

I first met Dr Alridge as a seminar about the MDVIP webpage/app. I was coughing alot. She talked to me about the cough, how long had I had it, what had I been taking for it,
other symptoms, severity, ect. Dr Alridge suggested that I make an appointment to see her. She thought she could help me & determine why I have had such a prolonged cough. She also thought that it could be hiding something else and that there were possible treatments to resolve the problem.

I got an appointment without delay. She was very professional & very interested in my problem. I was given breathing treatments in the office. She felt that I might have walking pneumonia. As a cash pay patient, I was afraid of the cost. Without hesitation, I was given prescriptions. Each prescription was fully explained and also told what order to take them. She also wrote down the instructions for me. This was great as I was about to ho out of town for a couple of weeks. Dr Alridge started that she was treating me as if I had walking pneumonia or a similar virus. She said to contact her if I was not feeling better in a week. As I left the office, everyone was very sympathetic to my coughing and wished me well.

I could not believe how quickly I recovered. The severity quickly subsided in less than a week. Next time i will not wait so long to she her about something I think is minor.