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| March, 16 2020 | for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

Before MDVIP and Dr. Emhof, I used to dread doctor visits. I began to think they were doing more harm than good. It turns out, I was probably right. This is best illustrated by some before and after examples. Before Dr. Emhof and MDVIP, I was on blood pressure medication that made me cough uncontrollably. It interfered with my ability to talk (not a good situation for a trial lawyer). When I raised this with my former physician, I was told, “yes, that happens sometimes.” After Emhof: BP medicine changed at first visit. Cough gone. Before Dr. Emhof: I had a growing cholesterol problem. Prior physician told me to consider meds, stop eating dairy and stop eating egg yolks. After Emhof: “Eat the yolks!” He says. After following the low carb diet and other advice of Dr. Emhof, I have no cholesterol problem. No meds needed, thank you. Before Emhof: 20+ pounds overweight. After Emhof: Took off 20 pounds and have kept it off for years. Before Emhof: HRT prescribed without anyone doing bloodwork. Scary side effects. Extremely painful tests. Former doctor smiled and said: “sometimes we don’t always get the ‘recipe’ right.” Huh? After Emhof: hormones adjusted, blood tested, balance achieved. Feeling good. Finally. These are only a few of many examples in which Dr. Emhof’s care changed my health and my life. I’m not a perfect patient. But as far as I’m concerned, Dr. Emhof is a perfect doctor.