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| March, 10 2020 | for David R. Carver, MD

I met Dr. Carver probably 20 years ago. I was a young mother with an autistic son, baby daughter and a verbally abusive husband. I was (although I did not know it) in a severe state of depression - physical pain - and often had thoughts of suicide. I had NO outside support system from my mother and my siblings are younger than I - so I was their mother...I remember my 1st visit to Dr Carver and his kind mannerism and his comforting spirit allowed me to open up about passed trauma - my father shot my mother with EVERY intent to kill her. She had an extended hospital stay. I took care of the house and my siblings. My father and mother returned home when she was released from the hospital AND ACTED AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. I am dumb founded by the way our family spiraled down after that. I also was dealing with an autistic child with behavioral issues and a neglectful/abusive husband. So much hurt - too much to express.

I remember his expression changed - and I believe I saw GOD in his eyes. He completed his physical exam as we talked and simply said "Lets get you moving..." And we did - I followed his advice and it led me on a path NOT only to physical healing but a spiritual path back to GOD. I cry as I type this because I am so grateful that he believes in treating the whole person - physically AND spiritually.

Dr. Carver is my physical doctor true but he is also my spiritual sounding board when I need reassurance I am not crazy. Dr. Carver gave me the strength to continue on through the emotional anguish and the physical distress I was living through my hell and the hell of watching each of my siblings suffer in their own way from the shooting trauma and being powerless to help them. His compassion helped me put one foot in front of the other - to keep going - to finally realize that I needed and WANTED GOD - Because of Dr Carver I began a journey on a road to not only physical healing but spiritual health and I found my faith again.

Dr Carver has always been a king person but he is also a truthful person. After a long conversation with my father in which he said my mother no longer wanted to be a mother (I was 17, my siblings were 16, 15, and 13) and he said to me - I no longer want to be a dad and I don't think I ever wanted to be a father - I was crushed ---- no child -- no matter what age should hear these words - NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION -- I was crushed - physically - mentally and spiritually.....I had a plan for suicide - for me and my 2 small children - geeze today I can't believe I was in such a state - I had an appointment with Dr Carver and as I talked his expression changed to one of sterness and his exact words were - "It's time for you to take the bull by the horns!" Followed by a get up and get with it conversation. I replied to him that I did take the bull by the horns and it stomped the )(*& out of me. He responded - telling me that the bull didn't kill me so - get up and grab him again. He told me I WAS NOT obligated to my father or my mother and I was a parent who obligation was to myself and my children. This blunt conversation gave me the backbone I needed to continue on.

So much I could write about - so many things - so many times through the years Dr Carver has physical, mentally and spiritually helped me. Through his instruction I am a healthier person today - through his encouragement - I found my faith and now view the problems life gives all of us with a grateful heart.

Dr Carver treated the whole being - his help kept me going and continues to keep me going. I cannot express how grateful I am.