Thank God for Dr. Steve

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| March, 22 2020 | for Stephen G. Smaldore, DO

My very life at this time is due to Dr. Smaldore. At a check up, he noticed something in my routine tests that indicated possible kidney cancer. He addressed it expediently. That diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma was twenty one years ago! I am surprised how often people comment on my health and stamina at age 85, and my reply usually includes two names: God and Dr. Smaldore. I appreciate his attentiveness and being able to contact him personally to get prompt answers to my health questions. Dr. Smaldore’s annual check ups are vitally important because he follows up immediately on the questions and needs that have been discovered. I know some doctors have the reputation of being somewhat condescending. Dr. Smaldore is the opposite! His attitude is professional but approachable and caring toward his patients.