thank you for all your special time and your care for my husband and myself.

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| March, 18 2018 | for James E. Needell, MD

Dear Dr. Needell I would like to take this time to thank you for all your special time and your care for my husband and myself. I think sometimes people dont realize how much involvement is there for a Dr. Their hours are never like a normal 9 to 5, they are always on the clock missing time and quality time with their families to take care of their patients, and I feel as though this goes unnoticed a lot. I personally would like to thank your wife and children for being so considerate and patient for having to put their lives on hold for us. You have been a very faithful and caring doctor down thru the years of taking care of my mother Verdella Costner until her passing, My mother always adored you and felt very self assured on everything you had ever advised her on, she never questioned any of your diagnosis and was always at ease when she left your office. So now my husband and I feel the same way my mother did. I think a lot of times patients get angry at their own selves not because of the advise that a doctor gives but because they dont follow their instructions and do what they are suppose to do I for one am guilty of that. As an overall experience I am very very grateful for your help on any medical problem I have ever had and it is always a pleasure seeing you and your staff on my visit everyone is always greeting you with a smile and that lets you know that they care and that means a lot especially when youre not feeling well, So Dr, Needell my husband and I wish you the best in your new change in your practice and look forward to being patients of yours for a very long time. Thank you for always being there for my mother and us.


Melody and Robert D.