Thank you doctor for your dedication and professionalism.

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| October, 8 2017 | for Mark McConn, MD
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My primary care retired and after the last four years my struggle to find a replacement has been nothing short of one disappointing let down after another. Every office has PA's or LNP's who won't be there following getting their work experience credit and then you're left with the next temporary student all while you become invisible to actual treatment by someone that couldn't possibly diagnosis you accurately within the 2 minutes of reading your chart could offer.

Once I meet Dr McConn I just knew.... I could feel it in my bones.... Here is my new doctor and finally someone I feel comfortable telling all my ailments to that not only cares but is highly intelligent, great sense of humor and makes me actually look forward to seeing my doctor again.

Personal connection with the person that's going to know every one of my faults and ailments is non-negotiable for me and despite it taking 4 years I'm at peace knowing I'm not going to be overlooked again.

Thank you doctor for your dedication and professionalism. I thought your kind of experience and personability was long forgotten.

Best wishes and look forward to a life long business & professional relationship together.