Thank you, Dr Brinkman

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| April, 29 2020 | for Robert A. Brinkman, MD

Excellent doctor! Dr Brinkman helped me to heal from a stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, huge anxiety, lowering the numbers with meds and statins, monitoring my liver enzymes, easing anxiety at appointments. Gave me the blood tests' results every time so I could actually KNOW the numbers were improving as well as me feeling the improvements in my body. Always available for prescriptions for PT and OT., patiently, Dr Brinkman allowed me to heal, all the while being available by phone and responding in a wise, competent, confident and friendly manner.

Dr Brinkman knew it was I who was healing, not him who was healing me. This was such a valuable trait for me to have in my PCP. He made me feel confident that he was there when needed. My own personal safety net. That's exactly how I healed.
On a stroke scale of 1 to 13, 13 being dead, I was a 12 according to a Mercy Neurologist. Through Dr Brinkman's intuitive knowledge and inimitable support, I now believe I am a 2. Thank You, Sir!!