Thank you, Dr.. Bullock and staff

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Jewel and Bob
| March, 8 2018 | for Richard B. Bullock, MD, FACP

Our respect and appreciation of Dr. Bullock is an ongoing story. He LISTENS. He looks at you and not at his computer when you are with him. He thinks about your issue and frequently calls after you have been there to let you know about a new thought he has had concerning your concern. The particular personal story is relative to the fact that he is always there for you even one or both of you may be out of town. I was in Florida this year and I had a problem, Dr. Bullock immediately got in touch with a MDVIP doc in Florida, related my issues to him, and even made an appointment for me with him for the next day. All ended well and the diagnosis that Dr. Bullock had made on the phone turned out to be exactly correct. The staff was right there with us helping to implement the phone calls etc. with patience and smiles in their voices. Thank you, Dr.. Bullock and staff for all that you do with caring and grace.