Thank You Dr. Dornfeld.

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| May, 18 2016 | for David B. Dornfeld, DO

I can't explain how it was that I happen to have found the right doctor for my condition. I had been suffering over 10 months with debilitating symptoms, which no doctor could diagnose. I would wake up every morning exhausted, with brain fog, joint pain and fever. I walked into Dr. Dornfeld's office and within minutes he told me he was 99 sure that I was suffering from Lyme Disease. After ruling out any other medical condition, I Was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He was familiar with the crazy symptoms I was experiencing and he knew that test results for Lyme are not always accurate. He was brave enough to treat me with a strong defense of antibiotics to fight this parasite in me, even though my test results were inconclusive. Not only did he fight the invader, he did everything he could to build up my immune system to help my body in the fight against this parasite. He protected my gut with probiotics, he introduced supplements to support the intricate systems of my body stay in balance. After 10 months of this parasite running amuck in my body, every system of my body was wearing down and needed support. He offered me chelation therapy to rid my body of heavy metals which would free up the immune system to run optimally. It was a long battle. There were times I thought it was never going to end. Dr. Dornfeld's caring, compassionate nature got me through my darkest times. I became consumed with learning all I could about nourishing my body to provide an environment where this parasite would not be welcome. By following Dr. Dornfeld's protocols, by believing in his expertise and by being supported emotionally as well as physically by him, I made it through. After 3 years of fighting Lyme Disease, in a few short weeks, I will be celebrating my 5th year of being symptom free of Lyme Disease. He not only saved my life, but has inspired me to pursue a career in healthy living and his influence has created a ripple effect that will touch many lives. Thank You Dr. Dornfeld.