Thank you so much for being such a special Dr to me and my husband

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| March, 14 2018 | for James E. Needell, MD

Dear Dr.Needell Thank you so much for being such a special Dr to me and my husband .We are so grateful to you for taking your time to take care of us. A Dr.s life is so busy and so demanding I think sometimes people just dont know what all that a Dr sacrifices for his patients. Giving up family time with his family and the long hours that are involved.It is not like a 9 to 5 job where you can clock out and go home and not worry about anything else until the next day. It is a continuous worry of how each one of his patients are doing.It is not only a Dr patient relationship it is also a friendship that you accrue down thru the many years from one family member to another seeing the same Dr.and the confidence that you have in your physician. I have struggled with many health conditions down thru the years and so has my husband and I have always had faith in Dr. Needell. The one person that always taught me the most important things in life was my mother Verdella Costner she has passed away now going on 8 years and she absolutely thought the world of Dr. Needell and she always felt at ease when she came from her visits with him and so just like my mother I and my husband feel the same ease and assurance when we leave. So with this Dr. Needell I leave you our warmest and best wishes for you through out your practice and I hope you never leave us,Thank you for giving up so much of your time to take care of so many people that count on you! God Bless You! Plus we would also like to thank your girls in your office for being so sweet and caring each time we come in for our visits a friendly smile goes along way and you and your girls always greet your patients with one.We are so lucky to have a caring and wonderful Dr like you You are definitely a 10 in our book. Thank you, Melody and Robert D.