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| March, 12 2020 | for Daphne Stamos Keshishian, MD
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I found Dr. Keshishian in 2015. I survived a cataclysmic medical event in 2011 and joined MDVIP when I came to understand that I would be permanently disabled and needed a higher level of medical care. I am SO GRATEFUL to be Dr. Keshishian's patient. With such a complicated medical situation it is a relief to look to her as my starting point for everything when I need advice. She keeps tabs on all of my other providers and monitors all of my stats to make sure I'm keeping tabs on myself! Her vigilance has been a great help and relief to me. My favorite example of her stature as a physician is that in 2017 she convinced me to get a baseline hearing test. I had known I had sustained hearing loss with the onset of my injury, but this symptom was so low priority it was not until Dr. Keshishian pressed me that I got it done. Because of her conscientiousness we were perfectly positioned with the relevant data to deal with new and strange hearing loss within the year. This is just one story about how Dr. Keshishian looks out for me. I am 9 years out from my original event. It is kind of ridiculous that I'm still dealing with developing health situations - but I am SO grateful for Dr. Keshishian's compassionate care.