Thankful for Dr. Boulware

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| March, 10 2020 | for William N. Boulware, MD, MACP

I have been a patient of Dr. William Boulware since he became a part of the MDVIP network. Three years ago, after his first heart attack, my husband also became one of his patients

A little over a week ago, my husband had his second heart attack. Dr. Boulware was in the emergency department and cans by the CCU during my husband’s four-day hospital stag. While a cardiologist did the cardiac cath and put stents in place, Dr. Boulware was the one we trusted to see that my husband was healthy overall. He never dashed in and out of the room but spent time answering questions and examining my husband.

In a few days, my husband will be meeting with Sr. Boulware to review the results of his annual testing. My testing is the following week. To say that we are grateful for the compassionate and quality care we get from Dr. Boulware and his staff would be an understatement! We are both so grateful for his expertise and care.