Thirty-two Years and Counting

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| March, 16 2020 | for Lillian E. Cohn, MD, FACP

A colleague of mine was kind enough to suggest I see her doctor when I was searching for a GP. That doctor was Lillian Cohn and its been 32 years since that first visit. I am very grateful to my colleague for that introduction. It is rare to say that you trust someone totally but I can say that without hesitation about Dr. Cohn. From the minor concerns to the major health issues I've faced she has never steered me in the wrong direction. Even when I think she's being tough, I know that her advice is in my best interest and believe me I follow what she recommends. When I do have an emergency - like when I had a fall and was hospitalized for a subdural hematoma - she made sure I got in to see her once I was released for an evaluation and guidance for my at home recovery process. Dr. Cohn has always been willing to provide additional time and attention when necessary. When my mother died and I was a compete emotional wreck during my visit to her office she was a calming influence and the support I received from both Dr. Cohn and her staff was so helpful. So my hope is that one day I will be writing a recommendation entitled 50 years and counting. She is the very best!