Three Cheers for Doctor Shockey

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| March, 12 2020 | for Jerry Shockey, MD

When I had a problem, wouldn’t you know,
The doctor was out of the country…
To the ER I had to go
But he was on vacation with fam’ly -
My daughter called and he answered back
And though he was far, far away
My health was important for him to track -
He checked on me day after day!
Now all is well – My doctor is swell!
He’s my MD, I’m his VIP –
Three cheers for Doctor Shockey!!!

At the nature preserve, a walk with the Doc,
(He does this a few times a year) -
We finish our walk and gather for a talk
About subjects we all hold dear…
Like healthy and happy lifestyles,
And things we can do to improve –
He keeps the atmosphere light and relaxed,
And even the children get in the groove
(Their question about the elephant’s heart
Opened discussion where everyone took part!)
It was fun for everyone!
He’s my MD – I’m his VIP –
Three cheers for Doctor Shockey!!!

No doctor before has let me be more
Than just a numbered file –
The Doc really shows that he really knows
How to go the extra mile -
Walks and talks and newsletters, too,
Events for appreciation,
It’s more than just Part One and Part Two
My Doc is a special creation!
My health needs, he knows -
He really cares and it shows –
He’s my MD – I’m his VIP –
Three cheers for Doctor Shockey!!!

I have never had a doctor who has been more attentive and aware of the needs of his patients. He takes time, keeps the atmosphere relaxed, goes out of his way to find an innovative means of interacting with all of us. The Patient Appreciation Open House event allows all of us to tell each other anecdotes of how Dr. Shockey has gone above and beyond for our personal health. The MDVIP program has been the best thing that's ever happened for my health needs! I appreciate the good Doctor! Three cheers for Dr. Shockey!!!