Time with mom

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| March, 13 2020 | for Natalie A. Doyle, MD

My 97 year old mother was hospitalized with pneumonia and I was very tense about her condition understandably. I developed a very painful ache in my jaw thinking it was coming from nightly tension grinding of my teeth. I went to the dentist in between a constant vigil with my mom and his remedy was I needed a root canal but first needed to take antibiotics to make certain there was no infection. So I start the antibiotics and return to sit with mom at the hospital. On day 2 of antibiotic regimen I break out with a horrible burning hot rash from head to toe. Obviously I was having a very severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic. I called my wonderful Dr. Doyle that Sunday morning and she said let me get my clothes on and meet me at my office in 1/2 hour. We arrived almost simultaneously and she gave me a steroid shot to counteract the allergy. I went to hospital to sit with mom. Did not miss any time with mom. Next day the reaction was still horrible and once again Dr Doyle took me in immediately for another injection . This shot worked and the rash started to subside. Mom was transferred to a nursing home and I endured the tooth discomfort until mom died 2 weeks later. The tooth was abscessed and eventually pulled. But thanks to Dr Doyle’s commitment to her Hippocratic oath and care for me as her patient and friend, she made it possible for me to spend that time with my mom that I can never get back. Dr Doyle was my physician before mdvip and as long as I can afford it she will always be my physician. She has always been available for me.