The true definition of patient centered care

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| March, 11 2020 | for David F. Cunningham, MD

Compassionate, competent, consistent and comprehensive care. Dr. David Cunningham's practice has exhibited those characteristics for over 30 years in his service to me and to my loved ones. Through life threatening illness, palliative and hospice care to preventative and wellness guidance, Dr. Cunningham has always taken time to understand all of the human variables that impact our health. Instead of just a care plan that I could get from Web MD, he takes into consideration my lifestyle, my motivation and abilities -- without judgement, assessing strategies to help me work toward my goals. Since becoming part of the MDVIP system this attentiveness to individual needs is even greater. When I tell friends and colleagues of the remarkable care I receive - for example flu symptoms on a Friday, meeting with Dr. Cunningham on Saturday, Tamaflu on Saturday, followup calls on Sunday and symptom free by the following Friday; as opposed to a 3 week course with interventions from providers I don't know at urgent care facilities. -- these colleagues are now on waiting lists for Dr. Cunningham's practice. The confidence I have in his professionalism, his commitment to emerging science and his commitment to his patients is immeasurable; as is my gratitude.