Unbelievable attention!!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Lisa A. Sardanopoli, MD

This is just an example of the unbelievable service. I had lab work done and in less than 36 hours Dr. Sardanopoli called me with results and discussed treatment plan, arranged for prescriptions, had the office call me for a follow up appointment, emailed me a lab prescription for follow up.
This is her usual mode of operation. I am always astounded by her care and attention.
I hope that she will be practicing for a very long time.
Ever impressed with her level of care!!!
My husband had acute lower quadrant pain that she addressed in her office, ordered an Ultrasound in the hospital, walked him to the emergency room to have him admitted for appendectomy. She followed up with me while he was in the OR. Just UNBELIEVABLE!!!