Very Blessed

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| March, 30 2020 | for J. David Cranor, MD

We feel very Blessed to have found Dr. Cranor. My husband meet him & his lovely wife on a flight. We moved to the area a year later & there was no doubt in our minds that we were going to secure our place(s) with Dr. Cranor. Simply put, we admire & love our Dr.! Recently my son had an accident & needed surgery, once Dr. Cranor heard of this he made it a point to come see him at our home he made sure that my son was doing well & made sure he was not in pain. NOW THAT IS DEDICATION. Not a week later my other son got sick we called the after hours number surprised to get Dr. Cranor himself he told my husband to bring him right over & he meet my husband at his office at 730p. ONCE AGAIN DEDICATION!! We feel very blessed to have Dr. Cranor as our family Dr. he is very dedicated, caring, patient plus he takes his time to listen to us & make sure we are comfortable & our needs our met we don’t ever feel rushed. We would not think of changing Dr’s & we would highly recommend Dr. Cranor! He is the BEST!!