a very caring doctor!

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| September, 22 2015 | for G. Gilbert Head, MD

I am a 66 year old female and due to my poor decision, hadnt had a physical for a few years. The MD/VIP physical discovered breast cancer and I am on the road to recovery! My husband and I joined MD/VIP to be able to continue with our family doctor of 30 years in Omaha, Dr. Gilbert Head, when his practice joined MD/VIP. We have faith in him, trust him and with my husbands diabetes and 2 spinal surgeries, wanted consistency with someone who knew us and was very familiar with our medical history. Dr. Head has been right there with us through my diagnosis and surgery, a very caring doctor! One of the features of this concierge program that I appreciate is being able to email my doctor with concerns that dont require an office visit. With diabetes in our family, the nutrition section of the website which plans menus and provides recipes is also a very valuable resource.