We all want you in for the long haul..

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| March, 2 2018 | for Dale J. Ritzo, MD

We had discussed that you were going to make the transition to MDVIP and I knew I was going to be with you for sure. When MDVIP originally called, I said I'm in and my wife is too Then I asked the MDVIP rep how were you doing with sign ups? She told me no one she had called had declined.

Since my last name begins with B i called my business partner and three others who I knew wanted to follow Dale and I told them they better take the initiative and call MDVIP before he gets to his maximum patient load. Everyone thanks me for making that call because by the time you were to explain to your existing patients about the switch, you were fully subscribed. We are all very pleased with the care we receive and it's great to see you as happy as you are to practice as you want to......you just need to get your workday hours down...We all want you in for the long haul..


Ron & Jane B.