We are all very thankful for him

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| March, 1 2018 | for Brian J. Kolender, MD

There is sometimes in your life when you say yes and it has a great impact for the rest your life. One day I called in for an appointment with my primary internist, he was booked but he brought on another doctor, Dr. Brian Kolender who had openings. So I took an appointment with him and I dont know how many years ago that was probably a couple of decades by now! Along the way the rest of my family joined in. Since then he always been available for taking care of my health needs and those of my family. And I can honestly say for his medical professional capabilities he has been spot on in times of need not only for myself but for my mother and in-laws as well as my husband. My family is very thankful for having him as our internist. I now some of our close friends have him as their internal medicine doctor too. We are all very thankful for him to practice medicine.